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EPSON Scan cannot be started.


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Epson Scan

Note: The following troubleshooting process, in blue text, is as per EPSON's instruction from EPSON Support.
Needles to say it did not solve any problem for me! 

Try the official EPSON route firt. If it works for you, Good Luck. (If not, please, read on).

I) EPSON's Official Route: KB Response.
"If you are receiving the error message "Epson Scan Cannot Be Started" in Windows 2000 or XP, when trying to scan with Epson Scan itself then there may be a communication issue.

The issue you are experiencing is in relation to a communication problem between the scanner and the computer this may be caused by a cable connection or caused by Windows not installing the scanner driver properly. The first thing that will need to be checked will be the cable connections. Make sure that the EPSON device is connected directly to the back of the computer and is not connected to a USB hub.

The Epson device will need to be turned on throughout this process. If the device is connected correctly, please perform the following:
1. Click on “Start” and then “Control Panel”.
2. Click on “Performance and Maintenance”
3. Double-click on “System”.
4. Click on the tab called “Hardware”
5. Click on the button in the middle called “Device Manager”.

*In this window, make sure that there are no “Exclamation marks” next to any of the options listed under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”. If there are, this may be the cause of the issue and you will need to contact your PC vendor for further assistance*

6. Look for a heading labelled “Imaging Device” or more likely, 'Other Devices' and click the + next to it (you may only have a '-' in which case please do not click the '-').

7. Right-click the entry for the EPSON device under either heading you may find and select 'Update Driver'.

The Update Driver Wizard will appear, as the software is already installed this is just a case of going through the wizard as described below.

If you are asked to connect to Windows Updates, choose the option for 'No, not this time'. Click the 'Next' and 'OK' options where present and any 'Recommended' options should be left as they are and Windows should obtain the driver files automatically.

If you get an error message saying that the driver is not “Digitally Signed” then click continue anyway and go through the installation program as normal; this will install the unit correctly.

Once completed successfully, please close those windows to the Desktop and try to use the scanner again through Start > All Programs > Epson Scan > Epson Scan.

You should find it now scans without the same error message reoccurring".

But if above does not work, then move on to the following solutions.

Alternative Solutions

II) Restarting EPSON 'Services'
Thanks to Tracy @iinet...

Epson Scan
Epson Scan
Ragnar @oregon... also commented
"I had the same problem Epson Scan cannot be started.
My solution was to start Epson Scan settings:
and unchecking network button by checking Local.

Thanks to both for their contributions.

III) Compele Uninstall / Custom Reinstall - Last resort only!

My own favourite approach to zap this sticky EPSON Scan can not be started error once and for all (if all above and else fail!).

1) 'Soft ' unplug printer by right clicking on USB/pendrive icon on Taskbar --> Unplug or Eject Hardware... OK. (If you can't see the printer USB, switch the printer off by pressing the printer power On button to get the message USB Mass Storage Device. Then click OK to Eject/switch Off).

Next, physically disconnect USB printer cable from the printer end. (Disconnection from either end is fine but, for some obvious reasons, I prefer disconnecting things from the device side - as opposed to the PC end! Personal preference style, that's all).

2) Uninstall ALL EPSON DX7000F etc applications (Scanner, Printer, Copier and Other utilities) one-by -one, using:
i) Epson's own uninstall programs. That's (without rebooting PC after each removal of an application):
Programs --> EPSON --> Epson Scan - Uninstall.
Programs --> EPSON --> EPSON Printer Software Uninstall.
Programs --> EPSON --> EPSON Copy Utility Uninstall.
Programs --> EPSON --> EPSON 'Whatever' Uninstall.

Do not select restart, reboot or shut down your PC yet as we've not removed everything yet...!

ii) Go to Add/Remove Programs and remove All the programs, applications and utilities associated with EPSON DX7000F 
eg EPSON Copy Utility 3, EPSON Printer Software, EPSON Scan plus any other stuff that came with this device.

Be careful not to remove the wrong device if you have other EPSON printers or peripherals installed! Just select DX7000F or whichever printer, scanner or device you have to uninstall... and leave everything else alone

iii) If you've unstalled EPSON Printer Software properly under EPSON's own uninstall facilities and Add/Remove Programs then you should not see the printer icon on Taskabar! Else, something is wrong! Check it.

... meanwhile do not reboot your PC yet!

3) Finally, hunt down or do 'search' EPSON or EPSON DX7000F, DX7000F etc on your machine. Carefully, review the result then safely remove or delete All remnants of EPSON DX7000F or whichever EPSON device you were uninstalling.
Take 'special' care not to inadvertanly cause problems to other EPSON printer(s), other devices (if you have any) or to affect your own PC performance!
But make sure you don't leave any debris or unwanted chunkies behind either!!

Now, You can reboot and get ready to reinstall the priner/copier/scanner/fax machine.

4) Insert the CD or download the exact model driver from wherever and then select 'Custom Install' and NOT Easy Install which dumps too much stuff and too many programs in too many places on your computer!

Next, select the most important applications: 
EPSON Scan (Scanner), 
EPSON Printer Driver (Printer), 
EPSON EasyPrintingModule (simplifies Page setup properties etc) 
and EPSON Copy Utility or Copy Utility 3.

Install all 4 components; Scanner, Printer, EasyPrintingModule and Copier.
Optionally, Creativity Suite (Scan, print, save) can be installed to replace the simple Epson Scan (Scanner) though I've found installing this feature a little bit problematic! Hence, I do NOT touch it but stick to the simple EPSON Scan utility!!!

You don't have to reboot or restart your PC now.

Test one, some or all of the printer/scanner/copier etc facilities by printing a test page, scanning and/or trying to copy something.

Happy printing, scanning, copying and faxing with your EPSON All-In-One multifunction device!

I hope these easy, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions will help anyone out there struggling to install an EPSON STYLUS device (printer, scanner, copier etc) on Windows 2000/WinXP/WinVisa/Win7? if followed properly.

Please, feel free to print above tutorial out for a quick reference to read or follow easiliy at your leisure.

Good Luck.

Related Info

If the error "Epson Scan cannot be started" keeps coming back after uninstall/reinstall, then you 'might' have other underlaying problem(s)!
1) Check if your CMOS battery requires replacing. 
     This is also the case if your PC keeps losing it's time or date settings due to dying or low battery - especially if your CMOS battery/PC is                  'some' years old.

To replace the CMOS battery, visit http://www.liverepair.com/encyclopedia/articles/cmosreplace.asp, http://murfsgarage.cybertechhelp.com/cmos.htm, http://www.smartcomputing.com/Editorial/article.asp?article=articles/2004/w1510/32w10/32w10.asp, http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000239.htm, http://forums.techarena.in/guides-tutorials/954999.htm or Google search appropriate phrases eg 'How to Replace CMOS Battery', 'Replace CMOS Battery' etc on the Internet.

2) Check if your computer BIOS needs updating - but only if all other options and avenues are exhausted!
           And even then, this should ONLY be attempted by a qualified or competant person!! 
           Updating or flashing BIOS is very technical and a dangerous business with disastrous consequences if one does not know, in great                 detail, exactly what they are doing. 
           So, if any doubt, don't touch it!!!

Any problems, comments or feedback with above All-In-One printer tutorial? Please, send me an e-mail.

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